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This New “Slimming Chocolate” Dissolves Fat For Good


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Dr. Melissa Newman

My name is Dr. Melissa Newman. I got my doctorate from The University of Louisville, and I’m currently a professor at a research university in Ohio, where I’ve taught for 12 years.

I’m also a nutritionist and a certified health coach… But the reason I’m here is not because of anything I learned in school, instead something I learned the hard way through personal experience.

And although painful and embarrassing, my story is important to hear because one tiny change made a big difference between my body dropping pounds or holding onto it.

After my first child, I struggled with getting back to my pre-baby body. Before that, I was very active and never had any problems with my weight.

However, the weight that came on later in life just would not budge. The weight came on, and never came back off. I struggled to lose more than just a few pounds no matter what I tried. I spent thousands on traditional ways of eating, counting calories, healthy recipes, and gym memberships.

I even tried running on a treadmill, but being overweight, it puts enormous pressure on your joints. Not to mention the painful soreness that comes from workouts.

The problem with most traditional ways to drop the pounds are the relentless cravings. They all restricted what I could eat, and I would be hungry all day long. Who wants to live like that?

Dr. Melissa Newman

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Mix up a delicious dark chocolate truffle flavored smoothie after lunch or dinner when you really want a dessert but don't want that dessert going straight to your belly or thighs. You can enjoy it with berries and sweet keto whipped cream.

Prepare a keto-friendly chocolate cake that packs a Ketone Punch you can use for dessert to not only crush your cravings but also boost your metabolism and deepen your ketosis at the same time.

You can even use Keto Activate to create smooth and creamy dark chocolate truffles. You can enjoy these truffles throughout the day totally GUILT-FREE, knowing you're boosting your metabolism.

Mix in a scoop of keto activate into your morning coffee to kick start your day, to dive straight into work, or simply just give yourself the gift of a 'feeling good' first thing when you wake up.

You’ll love the nostalgic flavor of chocolate milk just like chocolate milk you enjoyed as a kid -- but this one is health boosting, and keeps your cravings in check.

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Gabby Hirata

Verified customer

“It gives me a boost of energy for the moments when I feel in a slump.”

Taking Keto Activate helped enhance the keto state, especially in the afternoon. I would fast until 3 pm, take the activate, and then head to work out. It gives a boost of energy for the moments when I feel in a slump. I actually think I'm too alert sometimes due to the fact I take it with an Americano. I also love to take Keto Activate before working out because of the boosted energy!

Elaine G.

Verified customer

“My husband loves how I look and is proud of my achievement.”

Keto activate helps keep my weight at a constant level. Whenever I have a cheat meal or party too much the next morning I incorporate the evening and morning fast and start the next meal with keto activate and then use the keto shake as the 12 noon meal and I maintain my weight and continue the keto meal plan. My weight has been maintained for three years and I love and my husband also loves how I look and is proud of my achievement.

Danil Zakirov

Verified customer

“I’ve consistently lost pounds.”

Keto Activate helped me stay on track so easily! It’s got only 35 calories and only 3g net carbs so I can drink a whole chocolate drink in the morning and still keep my intermittent fasting schedule. Since I started taking Keto Activate, I’ve lost over 40 lbs, had better sleep, more energy, better focus, and my mood has improved. It’s also delicious! I love the chocolate truffle flavor.

Alison Tugwell

Verified customer

“Keto Activate™ helped me lose like 10 lbs of water weight the first week and an inch in my hips and chest.”

Keto Activate is delicious, nutritious and allows me to start my morning feeling focused and awake. I just blend with my coffee and grass-fed butter and voila! Quick breakfast. I think it would also be good as a milkshake mix! Yum. It’s a delicious way to satiate your sweet tooth while keeping you nourished, focused and energized all day! It’s helped keep me in ketosis, especially after I’ve had a couple cheat days. When I feel like if I stray from the diet, I can recover more quickly from cravings or energy dips.


1-Month Supply (1 Tub)
$69 /tub


$99 $69


6-Month Supply (6 Tubs)
$49 /tub
$594 $294


3-Month Supply (3 Tubs)
$59 /tub
$297 $177

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Makes Keto Activate Different?

    Unlike MCT oil or other powders that only boost fat content, Keto Activate contains pure chocolate ketones that rocket you straight into ketosis within 30 minutes of your first sip.

    And unlike any other bhb ketone products, which can be bitter tasting, Keto Activate was formulated with pure chocolate as the base, and it tastes amazing.

    You can mix it with your coffee for a quick energy boost to start your day, sip it late afternoon to curb those pre-dinner cravings, or even bring it to the gym for the cleanest, healthiest pre-workout drink you’ve ever experienced.

  • How Long Does it Take to Get into Ketosis?

    It takes about 30 minutes from your first sip to ketones completely circulating throughout your body. Which means more energy, more fat burning activity, and a supercharged metabolism.

    Then it’s about maintaining the ketogenic state. The ketones will train your metabolism what being in ketosis is like, which allows you to fully skip the 2-3 week process of getting your body to produce ketones on its own.

  • How Much Weight Can I Lose with Keto Activate?

    Everyone loses weight in keto at a different speed, depending on their activity level, metabolism and most importantly, how much weight they have to lose.

    For example, someone who has 100 pounds to lose will lose weight much faster (on a pound per pound basis) than someone who is just looking to lose those last 5 pounds in order to see their abs in the mirror.

    The recommended weight loss most doctors recommend is 2 pounds per week. This optimum burn rate can be achieved when someone is combining keto with light daily exercise.

    Once you reach the state of ketosis, you want to stay there until you reach your goals. Getting into ketosis is the hardest part, so once you get there it’s important to stay there. This is necessary to build up the ketones in your body in order to reach your maximum fat burn.

  • What Happens If I Lose Weight Too Quickly?

    If you drink a full serving of Keto Activate every day, it’s possible you might increase your metabolism too much, and you might find you have so much energy that you’re going off in all directions at once...

    You’re completing your work ahead of schedule, you’re exercising almost every day, the fat is melting off, and maybe you're spending time with your friends or family. You have energy for all that and more. And while your metabolism is ramped up very high, you might feel a bit like you’re losing weight too fast and having to buy new clothes constantly.

    The recommended weight loss most doctors advise is around 2 pounds per week.

    If you find you’re losing more than 2 pounds per week, we recommend switching to a half serving of Keto Activate per day, or maybe a full serving every other day. This will bring you back into the high normal range of metabolism, which is exactly where you want to be.

  • How Many Tubs Should I Order?

    Due to a high risk of running out because of specific ingredients used in our proprietary blend, more and more customers are choosing the 6-tub package.

    Ultimately you should make a personal decision and do what’s best for your situation, however I should point out that you can also take advantage of our free shipping by choosing the 3 or 6 pack.

    You see, by taking the 3 or 6 pack, we are also able to save on shipping costs, and we pass those savings directly onto you. You also secure the greatest savings by buying in bulk.

    By claiming three or six packs, it also ensures that you won’t risk running out, while in the process of metabolic recomposition, and helps you plan your fat loss journey ahead of time.

  • Do I Need To Do The Keto Diet In Order To Enjoy Keto Activate?

    As a company that specializes in solutions for people doing keto, we highly recommend the keto diet to everyone. We are true believers, and we firmly stand by the idea that keto is the best lifestyle for health, rapid weight loss and longevity.

    However, it’s been shown that the real benefit from the ketogenic diet comes from ketones circulating throughout your body, as many of our customers use Keto Activate as a ‘shortcut’ to this powerful metabolic state.

    It’s also FAR different from doing keto alone. At first, your body won’t be very good at producing ketones.

    So they drip out a small amount of ketones, they feel tired, they have no energy, sometimes they have flu-like symptoms, and their fat burn is very slow.

    That’s why a lot of people try keto for a very short time and give up. People don’t realize that if they simply pushed through for six weeks, their body would become very good at producing ketones and soon get all of the benefits people rave about.

    Your ability to produce ketones is something that builds over time. The longer you’re in keto, the better your body gets at producing ketones. It’s kind of like a muscle in that way.

    Keto Activate allows you to instantly flood your body with ketones, shortcutting 6-8 weeks from the process. It’s a cheat code to the ketogenic state so you can feel what it’s like to be in extreme ketosis in a very short period of time.

  • I'm Already Doing The Keto Diet, How Will This Help Me?

    If you’re already doing keto, congratulations! Keto Activate will accelerate your progress in multiple ways:

    It allows you to bypass the ‘keto flu’ which is the stage when your body is going from burning glucose to using ketones as fuel. This is usually accompanied by a dip in energy as well as flu-like symptoms as your body makes the transition to using ketones for energy.

    It allows you to get into keto VERY quickly, even after a ‘cheat meal’. If you fall off the wagon, Keto Activate is the absolutely fastest way to get back in.

    It gives you an immediate ketogenic boost. So if you’ve been doing keto a while, you’re already producing ketones from the fat content of your diet. The ketones in your body are what gives keto its fat melting, cognition boosting effects. This allows you to quickly and safely boost your ketone levels above and beyond what your liver is capable of producing, which can shortcut months of being a hard-core ketoer.

  • How Do I Use Keto Activate?

    The fastest, easiest way to use Keto Activate is to simply mix it into water and sip it over 10-15 minutes. Lots of people use it right before the gym or some kind of physical activity because of the significant energy boost they experience.

    If you're looking for variety, simply use our included recipe guide to create delicious smoothies, shakes, brownies, mochas and other preparations.

    More advanced customers have even created their own recipes and posted them in our private Facebook group to show off and share other ways they’ve found to prepare it.

  • Is Keto Activate Gluten-Free/Vegan/Dairy-Free?

    YES. Keto Activate is gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free, and contains absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.